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Post  m1040430544 on Tue Oct 30, 2012 11:19 pm

he Shaanxi D1761 police van to the scene, did not expect the two car line the north side of the bliss silver speed QianLing export dry counties to Yongshou sections 1752 +600 M,cheap Jordan, van hit isolated from the middle of the road with the guardrail, overturning occurs,Cheap Gucci, two unfortunately died on the spot, about morning around 5:40. the bit police handling the case this year are 33 years of age. right of the party, Dry County's Yangzhen Kidd village to work in August six squadron deputy commander of the current dry county Public Security Bureau of Interpol brigade, two police sergeant,Cheap Prada. Zhang, Xi'an Beilin people, February 2001 into the vice squad, now dry county Public Security Bureau Criminal Brigade police handling the case of six squadrons, two police sergeant. It is understood that the two are the only child at home, are presently get married and have a family, including the right of the party and the children, 4-year-old Zhang Wei, the child is just 2 years old. Zhang home of the father's health is not good, but whose work requires Zhang Wei, often a couple of weeks to go back to take care of the home. squadron colleagues,Cheap Coach, or the bureau's leadership, and sometimes difficult to accept. before the incident he prepared to leave to take care of his father 22 at noon, Weigang first came to the bureau to apply for a leave of absence procedures, prepare for next week back to Xi'an to take care of his sick father,Cheap Nike Max, the bureau had approved his leave request, and did not expect such a thing occurred in the 23rd reporter then rushed to the the dry county Interpol brigade squadron, would like to know more two sacrifice police, but not in the police investigators. Reporter saw, the six squadron duty police office door hanging The door of the Ni master say, 5:00 in the morning to see the two drove out, I did not expect this is the last time I saw them. to identify the cause of the accident as soon as possible to deal with the aftermath reporter then learned after the


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