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Astonia Advertising

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Astonia Advertising

Post  Guest on Sun Mar 07, 2010 11:53 am

I thought you guys might want to help out with this. I have an idea for advertising on Astonia through this website called reddit. Reddit is a social news networking site that has roughly a million active users from all over the globe. What this advertising would be doing is buying a link at the top of their page where all the millions of users can see it for a day - and hopefully - click it and join Astonia.

You can check out the webiste at:

This is the page that deals specifically with advertising on their website

Now the advertising is cheap, but its not free. For a day, it'll cost around $20 USD. If i had the cash, i would pay for it myself, but i don't. So i created a Donate button connected to my paypal account in order to try and raise funds for this. Donate as little or as much as you like - it doesn't matter.

If you need any sort of verification, check my Merchant ID number, its secured. Contact me in-game if you don't think this is really me. I only posted here because i thought you guys might want to lend a hand with this. If not, thats fine, ill come up with the money eventually.


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