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Arkhata Quest list

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Arkhata Quest list

Post  Guest on Mon Jun 29, 2009 12:49 pm

Arkhata Quest list:

1. Finding Arkhata - you get this quest from Guard in Brannington - then you make your way to Arkhata tele then go to rammy, then back to guard in brann for exp.

2. Ceremonial pot - from pot maker - you can do this quest along with Rammy's crown both quests are located in Bandits - after getting the pot and rammy's crown go back and give pot to pot maker and crown to rammy for exp.

3. Rammy's Crown - from Rammy - located in Bandits - refer to #2

4. Ishtar's Bracelet - from Jaz - located in Knogers - find braceletand return to Jaz

5. Lost secrets - from Thai pan - located in Zombies - you must kill zombies and search bodies for scrolls take scrolls to the pool in zombies located in the northwest corner of zombies use scrolls on pool till you get a red scroll once you get the red scroll take it to thai pan for exp - note: if you have negs you can do the same process till you get gold buddha and take it to thai pan for 5 negs removed.

6. Queen Fionas Ring - When Jaz tells you to go to the Acedamy of arts to talk to Fiona she will ask you for her ring - so to save you time go o quest first, it's located in Vamps once u get the ring walk to Queen Fiona and give to her for exp.

7. Shop Keepers Fright - from Ramin - located in Jessy the vendor's back room - to complete this quest you must do this solo, you have to kill all the lvl 60 monsters in there, you will see a kill counter at the bottom of your screen be quick cuz they start to respawn after 20 - 30 minutes if you get to en and counter don't go down then quickly run back to the first area you killed monsters in, once all are dead you will receive your exp.

8. Monks Quest - Johnatan in Library - this is located in Monsters - get all 3 key parts and bring them back to library each key part goes to one of the librarians look at the key it will tell you which key goes to whom.

9. Entrance Passes -from Rammy - located in Fortress - go find the captain in the fortress and do what he says afterwords go back to rammy for exp.

10. the Traitors - from the clerk in fortress - this quest is timed so if you do not complete in time you will not be able to close it or get exp for doing it, i recommend that you go through the quest before accepting it from the clerk once you figured the quest out go back to Clerk and accept the quest then go complete it quickly, once you have gotten the items bring them back to clerk quickly

11. The Book Eater - from Tracy in library - go through fake wall in library after going through fake walls you will find a room with teleporting doors look at the doors the one that uses a small t in the description your looking for the word transport the little t is the door you want repeat this process till you find book eater once it's dead you get exp.

12. A kidnapped student - from Trainer in Acedamy of Arts - located in Gangsters territory across from academy, get3 key parts to get the pot of strength in boss room after you kill boss take the pot from him and go get th kidnapedstudent just walk up to the gate and use pot and then go back to trainer.

13. Blue Harpy - from Hunter - the blue harpy Roms around arkhata look for it and kill it then bring back it's skin to hunter fr exp.

14. The mysterious Language - from johnatan in library

15. Te source - from Jada - located down the hole in jada's room - go and get the item and bring back to Jada.. note: the infrasion pot you got from pot maker quest is for this quest.

These Maps were made by j.t for C.I.A clannies and now it's my gift to you all Very Happy

This is the map of the Fortress use this map to find the Captain and the Clerk

I'm not sure how accurate the list is, i went by hijaka's quest log so i hope it's in the right order
from what i remember it looks right. let me know if it's not so i can make changes.

Thanks and enjoy the map Very Happy


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Re: Arkhata Quest list

Post  Tizzcdn on Tue Jun 30, 2009 11:52 am

Good job Jt

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